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[Inc. 1939]

Lincoln Heights Elementary

The Blood of Children

In the small village of Lincoln Heights Ohio, the streets are oxidized brown with the blood of children! Much of the citizenry are ready to dismiss the village’s unique status as one of the country’s last remaining black governed cooperatives. 

What are the police doin’? Nobody ever get caught or go to jail for these babies gettin’ killed.”

Corner Sto' Mud Wresting ?

After paying the cover-charge, I finally arrived at the earthen precipice of a kids pool filled with a viscous mud solution and women of various ages, and body types, tussling in their respective bathing suits. Much to the chagrin of the spectators, even the store's seasoned owner, Mabel Redman, had donned her version of a swimsuit to playfully slither around with her youthful counterparts.

Founder's Day 2012! 

Rain Visits Lincoln Heights Festival - SEPT 01-02 - Well folks, another Founder's Day Festival has come and gone. The usual fancy, fun, and foods attracted our citizenry, but was it enough? Was it a success? Where could things have been better? SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH US!

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Named for President Abraham Lincoln, the village of Lincoln Heights is located in southwestern Ohio and is a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Lincoln Heights was the first African American self-governing community north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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